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 Hello and welcome to the website of Benjamin L. Reynolds.

As Christian author, I feel compelled to write books designed to thought provoking, uplifting and inspirational.

Feel free to look around the site, and definitely drop me an email if you have any questions. I love questions! Please feel free to sign up for my email list using the Contact page and I will be happy to update you regarding my latest projects

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Benjamin L. Reynolds

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Lord, Hear My Prayer

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED why God doesn’t answer every prayer? Did you know God does not even listen to some prayers? When God isn't listening, IT IS UP TO US TO MAKE HIM LISTEN. People in the Bible used the phrase, “Lord, hear my prayer” because they understood we are our best advocates for getting God to hear our prayers. Lord, Hear My Prayer was written to help readers understand how and why we need to get God’s attention in prayer.

By thoroughly examining Psalm 143, readers will discover prayer is more than talking with God; it is communication with the Creator. If we want to receive answers to prayer, we have to do more than talk to God in prayer, we have to learn how to communicate with the Creator on his terms, not ours. Lord, Hear My Prayer teaches why praise, worship, learning how and when to talk to God, and being “quickened by the Holy Spirit” are so important. Readers will also learn:

• How to get God to LISTEN TO YOUR PRAYER when he is NOT LISTENING
• Understanding how to get God to say YES when he wants to say NO
• The importance of ASKING, SEEKING, and KNOCKING in prayer
• How to ASK for something in prayer
• Why the LORD’S PRAYER is so important (Matthew 6:9-13)

A 7 day Study Guide is included to help reinforce the concepts discussed in this book.

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One Thousand Years Until Forever

(Book 2 in the Until Eternity Series)

Satan and the Antichrist have been defeated following the Great Tribulation. Now, an anxious world watches Jesus Christ and the glorified saints of all ages return victoriously above the skies of Israel after.

Terry Sanders, formerly an obscure pastor, begins a new life like other returning saints. Jesus has given Terry a governorship and the arduous task of working with angels, saints and the left behind population of humanity to help usher in the New Millennium, prophesied to be humanity's greatest era of peace and prosperity.

But everyone does not want peace under Jesus Christ. Sinister forces secretly unite to destroy the new global religion, saints of God, and even the Lord Himself! Chaos engulfs the world again when Lucifer is freed from The Bottomless Pit and begins to deceive humanity. Can Terry Sanders discover his hidden, untapped power in time to save himself and those he has sworn to protect? The shocking impacts of his actions are revealed when he faces Lucifer, vengeful demons, and the Day of Judgment!

Ask and it Shall Be Given: 3 Steps to Guaranteed Results in Prayer

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

Jesus made three specific promises about prayer:

1. Everyone Asking in prayer will receive.
2. Everyone Seeking something in prayer will find what they are looking for.
3. Everyone Knocking on spiritual doors in prayer will eventually see them opened.

With such an incredible guarantee, why are we not receiving everything we ask for? Either Matthew 7:7-8 is not true, or we need to learn the true meaning of Asking, Seeking and Knocking. It’s time to take hold of the promise and begin Asking, Seeking and Knocking our way toward guaranteed results!


"The story revolves around the battle of good and evil, from a spiritual stand point and then taken from a personal opinion. The author does a wonderful job giving descriptions from an angel's point of view. The personal accounts are written so clearly that you can distinctly envision all that is taking place in the story. The story is not wordy or hard to follow. It is written very well and it draws you in to it and will not let you go." - Terri W.

"As a bible believer, I've always found the account in Genesis 6 very interesting. The way that the author describes the 'watchers'(angels) reasons for doing what they did, could have happened.I really enjoyed the story, the character development, and that the story is based on the bible. I only wish there were pictures of all the beautiful things that were described in so much detail.. Who knows? maybe there will be a movie one day!" - Erika G.

"Now that I finished the novel, I find myself drawn back to scripture reading the Book of Daniel and Revelations. Benjamin Reynold’s description of heaven was over the top fantastic; it has stuck with me in the days since I finished his novel. I found his interpretation of the events surrounding the end-of-times creative and thought provoking. I’m definitely glad I spent the time reading his new novel." Joanna, Book Reviewer for The IE Mommy

"The characters are realistic, the story well written and through the author's flare for description and story telling, I felt as if I was actually present watching Heaven and Hell battle for our souls." - A. McMichael

"I came away from this novella with my faith strengthened and a determination to trust and obey God more, being willing to surrender the things I struggle with to Him. I know Reynolds has not portrayed God's faithfulness and blessings as poetic licence but has based this on God's character, His Word and this author's own life experience being obedient to God. This gives me encouragement and direction. I highly recommend this novella. Entertaining but encouragement and food for your faith and relationship with God." - Peter Y. 

"Very good theme and well written. I recommend this ebook too all that have faith and for all those that don't have faith. I'm proud to give this ebook five stars in its first review." John B.

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